Is Christianity Dying?
Ninety-Nine Reflections in Religion, Science and Morality

There is a perplexing question for American Christians: why is the Christian faith losing its grip on America? Why are more and more young people abandoning their beliefs ... forever? Why are atheists so emboldened that they are purchasing giant "Good without God?" billboards all across America? Why have evangelical Christians taken a sharp political right turn, one so dramatic that mainstream Christians are embarrassed and alienated? Why is the separation of church and state more important than it's ever been in American history?

"Are all religions losing adherents? On the surface, you might think everything is fine for Christian churches in America. Christianity is losing ground, but the trend is slow, just a percent here and there. But it turns out there is some very bad news hiding in the numbers..."
– excerpt from the book's introduction

Christianity is getting a lot bad press lately, and it's largely self inflicted. The headlines are filled with stories of pedophile priests, homophobia, Koran burning and sex scandals. In Is Christianity Dying?, Craig A. James brings you ninety-nine reflections on these and many other topics about religion and its relationship to science and morality. review:
"Interesting and thought-provoking ... Some [of these] blogs should be headlines. Eye-opening stuff ... Surprising wisdom ... The blog about Alan Turing makes the purchase of this book an absolute no brainer! ... This is an entertaining, irreverent book ... The author does a very good job of defending his main premise that Christianity is Dying. Don't hesitate to get it! Five stars!"
– review


  1. Bad Religion: slavery and stoning; biased news reports; how religion spreads diseases; bigotry in God's name; why faith makes Alcoholics Anonymous fail.
  2. The Decline of Christianity: a collection of the author's most popular articles about the slow but inexorable decline of Christianity (and all religion) in America.
  3. Morality: why secular morality is more moral and defensible than religious morality.
  4. Politics: keeping America secular and why it matters; creationism versus science in our schools; sex and drugs.
  5. Atheism: society's bigotry; the author's controversial "Atheists, get out of the damned closet!" blog; a challenge to religious scholars to debate honestly.
  6. Faith and Beliefs: Laurel's Wager (Pascal was wrong); homeopathy; miracles that aren't; little girls' dangerous pink Ouija boards.
  7. Science and Evolution: why Darwin is right; stem cell research; why comets make creationism look silly; immortality; science versus Mormonism.
  8. The Bible: God gets a bad grade; maybe ol' Satan wrote the Bible; biblical inerrancy; homosexuality.