About the Author: Craig A. James

Craig A. James, author of The Religion Virus

James began his study of religion, evolution, sociology, and memetics (the evolution of culture and ideas) during his graduate studies in linguistics and Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University in the late 1980's. His work there introduced him to "genetic algorithms" that used randomness (mutations), coupled with directed filtering (natural selection), to create computer programs that solved problems for which no other solution was known.

James realized that Darwin's ideas could be extended and applied to any type of information, whether genetic, computer algorithms, or ideas passed from one person to the next. During this research, James encountered The Selfish Gene, in which the biologist Dawkins expressed these same ideas and coined the word meme.

After completing his Master's Degree at Stanford, James went on to a career in computer architecture and design. But his study of memetics, religion, sociology and evolution became his second career.

In addition to his work, James is an accomplished guitarist, a tolerable clarinet player, a deep-sea sailor and the father of three. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and bicycling in the beautiful Southern California mountains.